Isac Elam Kaid

Isac Elam Kaid is an Artist and Designer whose body of work spans Architectural space and limited edition objects.

The Mono Block Series was inspired by my travels in the Middle East. In many rural regions, ancient spaces can still be found in use as places of worship or dwelling. These spaces were often constructed by ramming natural materials – sand, clay, straw, wood – in to primitive molds. This method of construction results in architectural patterns functional forms, made through the repetition of a handful of basic shapes. It is not uncommon to see villages where a common pattern of shape can be seen in spaces of residence, utility and worship. I designed these pieces using combinations of the same moulds, hand-pouring, stamping and pressing material in place, as if building an ancient wall – one foot up at a time. I believe the work holds presence through its’ simplicity in form and permanence through it’s method of construction.

While shape is consistent in each piece, variation of colour and pigmentation should be expected, making each piece unique.

Isac Elam Kaid - Mono Block Chairs II
Isac Elam Kaid - Mono Block Chairs