Isac Elam Kaid

Isac Elam Kaid is an Artist and Designer whose body of work spans Architectural space and limited edition objects.

The low table is a unique piece, belonging to a series of work which explores a relationship between non-recyclable waste material with the value and depth of Indian Ink.

Indian Ink has been used since at least the 4th century BC as a means of dye and writing. Often employed in sacred text; there is something about this ink which feels sacred to me.

The material is reduced to something similar to a soil. I introduce the ink to the process as both a binder, and a way of unifying the material as something whole and beautiful. What if this traditional means for writing on paper were to fully saturate the papers’ fibres, and in a way to elevate the material from its’ original state in to something new?

The frames in this series are made of White Ash, specifically chosen because of its beautiful grain and structural integrity. I dye the Ash with the same Ink used in the fibrous material, before finishing the wood. Once the material has been soaked,  and apply it directly to the frame, encompassing the wood and creating the form as I work. I create a vague sketch of what I’m trying to do beforehand, as a guide, but the outcome is primarily a slow and spontaneous sculpture.